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This one needed a small push...

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Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 15:22:22 -0500
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Subject: Hello From Newbie
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Hello All,
Just signed up for this mailing list. I've been very interested in RTV molds
and urethane castings for a long time but have never really studied it. The
first email I got was from AA. That was a cute message. Right off the bat
I'm ready to unsubscribe. I gave it a little more time and found that there
are some serious folks here. My interests in RTV molds is to produce plastic
1/64ish sized race cars. I'm looking to build fine quality car bodies that I
can use in my main hobby. That would be racing HO scale slot cars. If you
remember the old Aurora Model Motoring slot car sets from when you were a
kid, that's the type of car bodies I will be making. The thought of cranking
out my own bodies is much more appealing than spending big bucks on old
collectable bodies that I end up cutting up for racing purposes. The end
product will need to be light weight, and strong enough to take hard impacts
into the wall, shiny finish and minute details. Any suggestions on the
latest plastics being used for building the molds and casting the bodies?
Also interested in any books that gets down to the basics. Any help you
could give me would really be appreciated. I look forward to reading all the
latest in rapid prototyping techniques. Thanks in advance.

PS. Is there a digest version of this ML. The mail sometimes gets

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