SLA Vat Strainers

From: Mark Wynn (
Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 17:43:01 EEST

We are taking a look at the SLA vat strainers offered by BKP Intech.

I am curious as to what their customers feed back is about
their product. If you own one (or several) of these vat strainers,
I would like to hear your comments. If you prefer not to respond to the
list... please respond to me personally.

I realize that this purchase is not going to break our budget, but I also
don't want waste the time on product that might not be worth the effort.

Note: It's not like we really need one... because we have never crashed
         a build before. We are just thinking it will be an insurance policy,
         to insure easy clean up... you know, just incase we ever do!

Mark Wynn
Yazaki North America Inc.
Canton, Michigan
Phone: 734-983-1702
Fax: 734-983-1703

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