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Date: Sat Jun 17 2000 - 01:45:49 EEST

yeah. I've got it three times now


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Hi everyone, I see where Rapid Dude states that he received a email from AA.
I've received that mail content from AA before. Has anyone else? Did
everyone on the list receive it? Ron
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> This one needed a small push...
> Yours truly
> Hannu Kaikonen <>
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> Hello All,
> Just signed up for this mailing list. I've been very interested in RTV
> and urethane castings for a long time but have never really studied it.
> first email I got was from AA. That was a cute message. Right off the bat
> I'm ready to unsubscribe. I gave it a little more time and found that
> are some serious folks here. My interests in RTV molds is to produce
> 1/64ish sized race cars. I'm looking to build fine quality car bodies that
> can use in my main hobby. That would be racing HO scale slot cars. If you
> remember the old Aurora Model Motoring slot car sets from when you were a
> kid, that's the type of car bodies I will be making. The thought of
> out my own bodies is much more appealing than spending big bucks on old
> collectable bodies that I end up cutting up for racing purposes. The end
> product will need to be light weight, and strong enough to take hard
> into the wall, shiny finish and minute details. Any suggestions on the
> latest plastics being used for building the molds and casting the bodies?
> Also interested in any books that gets down to the basics. Any help you
> could give me would really be appreciated. I look forward to reading all
> latest in rapid prototyping techniques. Thanks in advance.
> Dave
> PS. Is there a digest version of this ML. The mail sometimes gets
> overwhelming.
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