An award for engineers

Date: Sat Jun 17 2000 - 18:25:35 EEST


I don't know how I ended up getting this sent to me, but some of you folks in
universities and industry are doing interesting things on the web that might
be applicable. The prizes offered sound pretty good!

Ed Grenda
Castle Island Co. (email)

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<< an award for engineers
 Dear engineer,
 We thought it would be in your interest to know that engineers have
performed well in the Pirelli INTERNETional Award, since 1996 the first
international multimedia award for scientific and technological subjects
entirely carried out on the Internet,
 awarding more than 50,000 Euros each year.
 In fact, Martin Rohrmeier from Germany won Third prize in 1998 with "Robot
Simulation system", a VRML interface for a robot remote manipulation on the
 ); in addition, Riccardo Galli from Italy was awarded the Jury's Special
 in 1996 with "Progetto Volta", a multimedia presentation of the celebration
 for the bicentennial of Volta's pile.
 Now is the time to participate in the 5th edition of the Pirelli
 Award: !!
 We look forward to your participation,
 Kind regards
 Technical Committee
 Pirelli INTERNETional Award
 c/o Pirelli, Rome Office
 Foro Romano 3
 00186 Rome, Italy
 phone ++39 06 69517210
 fax ++39 06 69517208

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