buildstation 5.0

From: Bradley Van Dike (
Date: Tue Jun 20 2000 - 16:49:35 EEST

Thank you all for your replys.
The majority of replies indicated to use the build "some" feature instead of the build all. There were also some other ideas given.

1.) Right mouse click on the preview layer display during the preview and under the setup option turn off the hatch fill and border. This speeds up the preview. It does not display anything while using this method but you can get to the end of a .bff and verify that the file is complete.

2.) You can also preview layers in Lightyear by brining in the .bff file. Go to the view tab and select properties/layers. This allows you to view a range of layes or individual layers. Set your minimum and maximum accordingly and use the stepup button.

Thanks again everyone for all the usefull tips.
as Hannu says share and enjoy

Brad Van Dike
Yazaki North America

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