Motorola Job Opportunities

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Date: Tue Jun 20 2000 - 21:21:21 EEST

Motorola Job Opportunities

Motorola's Personal Communications Sector (PCS) is seeking exceptionally
talented candidates to join our World Class Model Development Team in the
Chicago area and locations throughout the world. We equip our state of the
art labs with the latest rapid prototyping technologies and select only the
very best personnel to run them.

Candidates should have a minimum of 3 to 5 years experience with a focus on
very high quality presentation models using the full range of technology
available to our profession. One should exhibit a positive work ethic and be
highly motivated to perform in an intense and demanding work environment. A
portfolio or other positive proof of experience is required.

Model Development Manager: Corporate level or service bureau management
responsibility for large product model making staffs and rapid prototyping
technologies is required. Candidates should have strong emphasis in
Stereolithography Technology, and proven experience in Organizational
Development, Employee Relations, Career Development, CNC and Conventional
Machining, Mold Making, Casting, Graphics, Production Processes,
Manufacturing Processes, Process Development, Facilitization, CAD, Quality,
Workplace Safety, and Customer Development.

Freeform Specialists: Must be capable of performing every aspect of the
Stereolithography process and have a particular emphasis on management of a
large, high volume customer base. Knowledge of Rapid Prototyping Industry
and alternative RP technologies is desirable.

Urethane Casting Technicians: Experienced in all Rapid Casting methods
using silicone molds and SLA or other patterns. Emphasis should be on
complex, high tolerance, thin wall components. Additional knowledge or
experience in alternative rapid tooling methods, production molding and
plastics are an advantage.

Send your resume to:

Patrick Gillon

Manger of Rapid Prototyping and Design Support.
Personal Communications Sector
8000 West Sunrise Blvd. rm. 4j9
Plantation, Florida 33322

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