Re: Points2Polys Reverse Engineering

From: Adrian Rudin (
Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 12:04:06 EEST

Dear Ellis

I tryed Points2polys from Paraform and saw the limits. It needs per 1000
points to polygonise 1MB RAM - to much for big files! I tryed with 10'000
up to 50'000 points and I had sucess. But bigger files... I don't belief
that these work with Points2polys.

If it's very urgent, send me the file and I will polygonise it with
Surfacer from Imageware.

Best regards

At 16:08 20.06.2000 +0100, Ellis Mackay wrote:
>Dear All
>Is anyone using the Points2polys software from Paraform? I cannot get the
>software to process a point cloud file of 200,000 points without crashing.
>I am using a 800Mhz processor with 256M Ram on an NT platform and using
>the default options in the software. I am getting very frustrated, can
>anyone give me some advice or tell me if I am doing anything wrong?
>Ellis Mackay
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