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From: Robert S Gansen (
Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 17:38:04 EEST

     If you have Surfacer, go to RPM/Cut/Arbitrary Cut. You can then draw a
     sawtooth or zig zag line through your part. Be sure to draw to the
     extents of the part and to pick the Cap Model in the dialog box before
     you begin.
     If you have just the RPM module, the command is Create/Cut/Arbitrary
     Cut. If you have any other questions, please let me know. Good luck!
     Bob Gansen

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Subject: Bob,
Author: at Johnson_Controls
Date: 6/22/00 9:14 AM

Could you elaborate on "I use Imageware to puzzle cut my .stl files".
I was not aware that Imageware could do a cut like that. If you could tell me
 where in the software to find it I would greatly appreciate it.
Archie Swanner
Roush Industries
Rapid Prototype Department
(734)779-7906 - fax

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