Re: Points2Polys Reverse Engineering

From: Ram Nagulpally (
Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 21:41:49 EEST

Dear: Mr. Mackay:

We are sorry to hear that you are having problems with Points2Polys. We'd
like to have the opportunity to address the problem with you directly.
Paraform's other customers routinely handle datasets that are ten times the
size of the file you indicated, so we suspect that file size isn't the
issue. There should be an easy fix. Our recent attempts to reach you via
email have been unsuccessful, so perhaps we have the wrong email address.
If you're monitoring this list, please let us know the best way to get in

Using an SGI 320 (NT 4.0, SP4, Cobalt Graphics with 512MB of RAM), we have
benchmarked Points2Poly for clouds upto 1 million points. With additional
resources and/or Paraform's unique sectioning features, we have successfully
meshed point clouds as large as 7 million for various Auto & Aero houses. I am
happy to share this and additional data with you if you would kindly contact us


Ram Nagulpally
Director - Operations
Paraform Inc.,
Phone: 408 855 4343
Fax: 408 855 4360
email: OR

Ellis Mackay wrote:

> Dear All
> Is anyone using the Points2polys software from Paraform? I cannot get the
> software to process a point cloud file of 200,000 points without crashing. I
> am using a 800Mhz processor with 256M Ram on an NT platform and using the
> default options in the software. I am getting very frustrated, can anyone
> give me some advice or tell me if I am doing anything wrong?
> Help!
> Ellis Mackay
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