A funny thing happened on the way to the RP lab....

From: KDenton@williams-int.com
Date: Sat Jun 24 2000 - 18:43:40 EEST

Hello All,

I've always tried my best at speaking my mind not wanting to hold anything
back (as you all know) and just spent the last day or two getting our
Sanders back up and running! Yes, I said our Sanders MMII is producing
parts well so far it completed a build and I'll be submitting others to it
come Monday! I wanted to pass this information along as when the good
happens it's important to tell that side as well. Many of you may ask what
I did and to be honest I do not know! I striped the machine down to its
bare bones checked on all the contacts, tested cabling, and cleaned what
needed to be cleaned. Reformatted the hard drive and then reinstalled the
software and it started and completed a build like nothing was ever wrong!

Oh, wait there was something I did differently, I locked my boss out of the
room! It turns out that he likes to think that he is all knowing and has in
the past tampered with the equipment to the point of failure (not all times
but a few). Wanting to test this I constructed a lock-out bar and placed it
in such a manor that the system can not be opened with unless you cut the
pad locks off! So far...

Don't get me wrong we had a machine with some serious problems and those I
hope are behind us. Locking my boss out of the equipment is another part of
this little adventure and with any luck he will not be insulted and take it
out on my performance review (he has been gone and does not yet know this
had been done) but understand that he on occasion needs to step back and
obey the sign: DO NOT TOUCH!

I will keep you informed about the (hopefully) pending success I expect to
have with the machine, forever an optimist! One other item about the part
that I ran over night... The test piece that was run over the weekend was a
part called SPC-1 that we have used to measure machine accuracy and being
that it was designed to be a one inch cube with a couple of other measurable
features I thought it would be a good starting point. The part measured
(after support wax was cleaned off) 1.00005" in X and Y and 1.002" in Z. A
hole on the part measured .498" (should have been .500").

Thanks for the ear and I'll keep you all informed.

It seems the RP Gods are with me lately!

Karl Denton
Lead Engineer
Williams International

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