RE: A funny thing happened on the way to the RP lab....

From: Alex Salvi (ASalvi@MMCCINC.COM)
Date: Mon Jun 26 2000 - 18:55:31 EEST

just wandering what you mean by rebubbling?
I don't operate the same machine but I'm interested in this term.

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> Glad to hear that your efforts were rewarded.
> I go through a standard setup procedure every time I run our
> Sanders, which
> pays dividends with smooth running. It's logical to check out
> ALL of the
> systems each time. It takes me an hour to two hours or
> sometimes more, but
> its worth it. By the time I've calibrated the jets the usual
> number of times
> and finally checked the deposited weights, the jets have
> settled-in, and it
> runs reliably. In my mind's eye, by then the polymer strings
> have alligned
> and constant fluid flow and machine running conditions have
> been established.
> I've been using service centers lately to build the
> transportable stuff.
> However, when I run here I interrupt at least each sixteen
> hours to top-off
> the tanks, rebubble the support jet (inportant on the MM6B), clean the
> cutter, lube, and observe that everything is OK. By the way,
> the rebubbling
> takes only about two minutes, but its KEY to its continued
> reliable operation.
> At 11:43 AM 6/24/00 -0400, you wrote:
> Yes, I said our Sanders MMII is producing
> >parts well so far it completed a build and I'll be
> submitting others to it
> >come Monday!
> Many of you may ask what
> >I did and to be honest I do not know! I striped the machine
> down to its
> >bare bones checked on all the contacts, tested cabling, and
> cleaned what
> >needed to be cleaned. Reformatted the hard drive and then
> reinstalled the
> >software and it started and completed a build like nothing
> was ever wrong!
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