Re: A funny thing happened on the way to the RP lab....

From: Steven Pollack (
Date: Mon Jun 26 2000 - 21:51:36 EEST

That was pretty much my experience with the air conditioning unit also. I bought my
MM2 unit second hand and was required to replace the a/c unit for re-warranty
purposes. I did not notice much cooling power with the replaced unit and the
rollers always gunked up. I had much better success adjusting the temperature of
the house instead.

Steven Pollack

Bathsheba Grossman wrote:

> On Mon, 26 Jun 2000, Tom Richards wrote:
> > I go through a standard setup procedure every time I run our Sanders, which
> > pays dividends with smooth running. It's logical to check out ALL of the
> > systems each time. It takes me an hour to two hours or sometimes more, but
> > its worth it. By the time I've calibrated the jets the usual number of times
> > and finally checked the deposited weights, the jets have settled-in, and it
> > runs reliably. In my mind's eye, by then the polymer strings have alligned
> > and constant fluid flow and machine running conditions have been established.
> I'll try to visualize that - maybe it'll have a soothing effect on the
> box. I do find I often have to volume-calibrate three or four times -
> the required fire voltage seems to drift up and down in a fairly
> random way - but so far I have Executed the Procedures religiously,
> and all has gone smoothly with my MMII.
> > I've been using service centers lately to build the transportable stuff.
> > However, when I run here I interrupt at least each sixteen hours to top-off
> > the tanks, rebubble the support jet (inportant on the MM6B), clean the
> > cutter, lube, and observe that everything is OK. By the way, the rebubbling
> > takes only about two minutes, but its KEY to its continued reliable operation.
> Could I ask, what's this about topping off the tanks? In the manual
> it talks about adding only enough material for each build, but I've
> also been told that one should only ever add material a whole bottle
> at a time. A bottle of material is enough for at least 30 of my
> typical builds. Should I instead add the stuff a few pills at a time?
> I also find that I have to clean the cutter at least every hour of
> operation if the ambient temperature is above 70F. The unit's air
> conditioner has no discernible effect here: it heats the room, and it
> cools the dead space below the build table just fine, but since the
> cool doesn't get above the table, it doesn't do anything to keep the
> cutter from gunking up. As far as I can tell, there's no reason ever
> to run the a/c.
> -Sheba
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