RE: STL to IGES convert

Date: Wed Jun 28 2000 - 11:24:34 EEST

Dear All,

I'm very sorry to announce that our Magics RP doesn't support IGES export of
an STL-file.
The reason is, as Adrian already mentioned, that each triangle will be
exported as a single unit. This is because the geometrical information is
lost in an STL-file, the computer doesn't know anymore that some groups of
triangles are forming (for example) a plane or cylinder. The results are
pretty big and useless IGES-files.

Magics Rp is (currently) only able to export sections and parting lines as

Kind regards,


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Dear List, dear Paul-Henri

MagicsRP from Materialise allows to export a STL-File as IGES.
But I don't think this is very good idea, because you will get the
triangles from the STL as small patches. This will increase the file-size...

If you need good quality surfaces, you must do a >reverse engineering< of
the part.


At 23:30 26.06.2000 +0200, Paul-Henri Tinguely wrote:
>Hello dear list,
>We are looking for a STL to IGES file converter, do you have idea,
>experience on this matter?
>in advance thanks
>Paul-Henri Tinguely
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