Outsourcing CAD for RP

From: Dr. Rafael Santillan (rapid3d@ciateq.mx)
Date: Fri Jun 30 2000 - 21:21:15 EEST

Dear Listers

During the last 2 years I have worked developing 2
Engineering Centers in Mexico to outsource or bring to
Mexico engineering, modeling and detail work (CAD,CAE)
for a gigant US company.
It is obvious the tendency in the US for the large
companies to Globalize or outsource engineering work
out of the States to lower their cost and improve
prices, however I wonder how are doing the medium or
small bussines within the US to make the most of some
advantages and follow the track of the big ones and
outsource this type of work.

Something I have learned during this 2 years is that
the cost to use or access “advanced technology” in
developed countries (like Mexico.. the one I know) is
by 50% to 80% more expensive than in the USA, however
opposite to this is our low cost of LABOR (even
engineering highly specilized) where we are just
about the 1/3 of the cost as in USA in the engineering

This activity of creating this technological Centers
has been additional to the work of my RP shop, however
during the last few months I have done a couple of CAD
projects for a US company creating the Solid Models
and STL files in solid edge from 2D drawings.

After this two projects I did in my shop I got the
Idea to find some other RP bussintes who may have high
costs of modeling and would be interested in to move
part of their work down to Mexico.
There is a big advantage: Everithing can be done
electronically (FTP,Email, Fax, Videoconferencing,

I am very interested in to explore this field and make
the best of the advantage of each other.

We may be able to offer a good CAD deal in reducing
your modelling costs.
We can offer so far; Pro E ,Solid Edge, AutoCAD, .
however we can get some other software if needed.
If somebody has some interest in find out more about
this possibility please contct me.

Best regards.
NOTE I sincerely hope this mail did not caused any
uncomfort to anybody (for this weekend at least).

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