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From: Travis Behara (travis.behara@rapid-discussion.com)
Date: Mon Jul 03 2000 - 03:55:34 EEST


Some changes have been made to the discussion area at Rapid-Disucssion.com. Now spell check is available for people like me who can't spell worth a hoot. I have also added some divisions in the discussion area to make finding information easier. All the old postings are still under the General Discussion area. However the posting dates are incorrect. This is due to the fact that I had to manually enter all the past threads myself. If you have a problem with editing a past posting e-mail me at pastposts@rapid-discussion.com. The "Check replies" feature now works in the discussion area, but remember when you post, and you are registered, you can select to have an e-mail sent to you when someone replies to your posting (Real nice feature!).

Also be sure to place your free fifty-word ad in our classified section. And as always if you have any comments or suggestions or know of a coming event let me know.


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