RE: Sla 250 Parts build when machine is having a good day

From: Blasch, Larry (
Date: Mon Jul 03 2000 - 16:42:52 EEST

Hello John,

First, how clean is your vat?

The first thing I would suspect is blade crash and layer damage due to
floating threads that can accumulate from multi-object laser hopping and
stray vectors.

These will normally sink to the bottom and create a sludge/slime layer that
can sometimes be dislodged by a deep build. All it takes is a little damage
and you can have a total failure. Cleaning the tank out is not as tough a
job as it may seem, but it will make a huge difference. If you have had a
number of crashes and you are only using a fishnet to get the big stuff,
then you really need to filter the entire tank.

If you have never drained and filtered the tank, I would be happy to offer
you some suggestions on how to do it without the need for a HAZ-MAT team or
a chiropractor on hand.

Second, it could be a power problem... low voltage (sag) can cause recoater
problems as well as dramatic changes in laser power. Since the SLA-250 only
reads the laser power between layers, if the layer section is large, you can
have a substantial variation in cure depth during a long layer trace.
You could try a run with the /diag option set to create a diagnostics log
that will record the laser power at each re-coat to see if you have a
fluctuation in the power during the build. This could be a symptom of
impending laser and/or power supply failure also.
(Call 3D's hotline and they can talk you through it.)

I would suggest that you look into a filtered power supply or UPS if that is
a potential problem.

Third, power down the entire machine (Not just the computer) and do a cold
restart. It's not Windows (no offense Bill), but I've found that goofy
problems can crop up after months of continuous run time.

Good luck,


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hello everyone

I'am new to the list and this is my first enquiry.

I run a 3D 250 and have done for nearly two years
I am having trouble with parts failing part way during a build. the layers
do not seem to be bonding together. I have not changed any settings.
I am still using Maestro for set up. the laser is at 24 Mw and vat temp is
I can build a part perfectly and then build the exact same part using the
same file and it will fail. Does anybody have any ideas before I call out
and engineer

thanks in advance John Curran

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