Rapid Tooling and related CAD processes.

From: Neil Hopkinson (nhopkins@dmu.ac.uk)
Date: Tue Jul 04 2000 - 18:00:39 EEST

Hello list,

I am currently putting together the Rapid Tooling Module for the new Masters
Course (MSc) and series of short courses in Rapid Product Development at De
Montfort University (UK).
I would be grateful if you could send any details on the following if you
think they would be of interest to people studying Rapid Tooling:

1. Direct/indirect rapid tooling processes which are commercially available.
2. Direct/indirect rapid tooling processes which are under development at
companies or universities.
3. Software packages available to assist with tool design etc.

As I expect to receive a fair amount of information (from Albright to
Zenith) I can't be sure to include all details forwarded to me - however I
will assume that anything sent by email or to the address below can be used
on the new course.

Many Thanks
Neil Hopkinson

Rapid Manufacturing Research Group
Department of Mechanical & Manufacturing Eng
De Montfort University
Queens Building, The Gateway,
LE1 9BH,

Tel +44 116 2551551 x8064
Fax +44 2577054

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