RE: bad stl files?

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Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 00:51:24 EEST

Hi Roy,

If you have the original dwg files, try exploding the Mechanical Desktop
parts -which will turn them into ACIS solids and then use the regular STLOUT
command ( which will by default create a binary STL file ).
Don't forget to set the FACETRES high ( top value is 10).

Good luck,

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Subject: bad stl files?

Ever have a file that opens, looks beautiful in your viewer, but won't
I have 2 of them! Very similar parts, basically 2 gears connected by a solid
cylinder. When we try to build these parts (3 tries now) the parts are built
in multiple sections. Here are some of the details:

1. Parts were built on a DTM machine. Each time, the other parts in the
came out fine. Just these 2 files had problems. Here are some of the

2. Files were created in Mechanical Desktop - STL files are ASCII - We could
not find an option to make binary.

3. files are quite large 14 meg & 12 meg each.

Any help, suggestions or ideas would be appreciated.


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