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Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 14:18:30 EEST

Dear List,

the Bremen Institute for Industrial Technology and Applied Work Science
at the University of Bremen (BIBA) has two vacant research positions for
engineers or computer scientists in the area of Rapid Prototyping (RP)
and Rapid Tooling (RT) Techniques for at least 2,5 years available.

Applicants need a university degree (MSc or Diploma) in production
engineering or computer science and should aim to make their PhD in
order to prepare themselves for a scientific career or management
career. The research work will be performed within an european research
project aiming at developing a new RT process chain for the direct
production of net shaped metal tools for the casting and moulding
industry. The project is based on the development and improvement of a
novel RP technique, but to reach the project objectives it is necessary
to analyse, verify and optimise the complete process chain from the
computer-aided design of the tool up to the final quality inspection of
the injection moulded parts. The project consortium consists of one
research institute and six industrial partners coming from five
different european countries.

The research work of BIBA will be concentrated on the development of:
- a polygon based CAD/CAM system for tooling design
- database applications for selecting appropriate tool manufacturing

- Decision Support Systems for tooling design
- Decision Support Systems for selecting Rapid Tooling process chains
- Computer Based Training lessons for tooling design

More information about the current job offerings at BIBA could be
obtained from: (position 5 and 6).

Please send your detailed application to BIBA to the attention of:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dieter H. Müller,
PO Box 330560,
D-28335 Bremen,

With one of the first SLA machines in Europe and permanent european and
national research projects on different aspects of RP since 1989, BIBA
has a long and successful tradition in the Rapid Prototyping arena.
Please have a look on our RP website to see more details about projects,
publications and results

Best regards ...
    Marcus Joppe

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