RE: offset a surface of a model in stl file

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Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 18:27:35 EEST

Dear Ferrotto,

I am Calvin Hur of INUS Technology, Inc.
Our company have been developing and selling 3D reverse modeler called
RapidForm2000. It consists of 4 different workbenches, which are Scan Workbench,
Polygon Workbench, Surface Workbench, and RP Workbench. Each workbench
is specialized for corresponding application fields and working procedures.

In RP workbench of RapidForm2000, you can easily offset a specified(selected)
shell (polygonal shell) shell by shell. So, RapidForm2000 is exactly providing you with
the functionality which you are looking for. You can find many interesting things
about RapidForm2000 on our website.(

Thank you. Bye.


Best Regards,


Calvin Hur, Ph.D.

INUS Technology, Inc.
601-20, Yuksam-dong, Kangnam-ku,
Seoul, 135-080, KOREA

                   e-mail: <>
                   Tel: +82-2-566-8694 (505)
                   Fax: +82-2-566-8696

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Subject: offset a surface of a model in stl file

Has anyone trying to offset some surface of a model wiht stl programs ?
With Magics RP is impossible to operate on the single surface to give it an
offset because
the software offset all model .
Can anyone help me ?
P.s. Exclude manipulation whit CAD directly on stl

Thanks in advance

 Ferrotto Michele

Ferrotto Design S.a.s
3d modeling and Rapid Prototyping
Corso Torino ,18
10064 Pinerolo (Turin)
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