If your company uses Pallets, Skids, Boxes, Lumber, etc.

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 July 10, 2000
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 RE: Your Pallet Service

 If your company uses Pallets, Skids, Boxes, Lumber, etc.,
 please look over the material beneath this memo and
 contact Frank Falzone at Mailto:Pallets21@Newmail.net

 From: Marie Cook


 We can supply you with any and all of the following:

 * Single or double face
 * Reversible or non-reversible
 * 2-way or 4-way entry pallet
 * G.M.A.
 * Expendable
 * Custom manufactured to your specifications
 * Winged
 * Single or double-winged

 * Plywood pallets
 * Block style pallets
 * Skids
 * Boxes and crates
 * Compression frames
 * Disposable pallets

 Available Extras

 * Stenciling
 * Chamfering
 * Strapping notches
 * Repair boards

 Industrial & Custom Lumber Available

 * Air dried
 * Kiln dried

 We will take good care of you. You can rely on us.
 You will get good *quality*.

 Whatever your pallet and skid needs are, we can help you.

  For More Free Info, Prices, and Contact info.

  Send Email To Mailto:Pallets21@Newmail.net

  We'll Send You The Full Details and Pricing ASAP.

 If you have no need for our services, click this link and send
 mailto:nopallets1@newmail.net Thank you.

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