Worldwide Guide to RP Resources Web Site Update

Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 17:55:23 EEST

Subj: Worldwide Guide to RP Resources Web Site Update


There have been several expansions and additions to our web site that we
believe you'll find useful:

*** Mom, The Mother of All RP Bibliographies is growing again. The addition
of 500 citations brings the total to just under 2,000 and the material is
current to June 1, 2000. All aspects of RP, including systems, materials,
software and applications are covered. Many references have abstracts.
Business related articles and short notes are also included. Some of the
recently added material are back fills for previous years.

Remember, if you have materials - or access to materials - that aren't yet in
the database, but you feel should be, consider making a contribution, or at
least let us know what's missing. There's lots more to add., incidentally.

*** New listings bring the directory of RP service providing locations to
more than 470. A spread sheet file of service bureau contact information is
now available for a modest fee. The spreadsheet contains physical addresses,
phone and fax numbers, email addresses and contact individual names. It can
save many hours of work for companies that are marketing to service bureaus.

*** A new Search facility has been provided on our home page that can dig out
keywords and references on the entire site. The searchable information on
the site is now the equivalent of about 800 printed pages. The additional
archived materials will shortly expand the grand total beyond the equivalent
of 15,000 printed pages. Special purpose search engines for patents and
bibliographic materials are also available.

*** Direct links to Yahoo's financial and business news pages are now
provided for all public US rapid prototyping companies. This is a quick way
to see how they're doing in the markets, get their latest news releases,
analyses, etc. A direct link is also provided to the Security and Exchange
Commission's EDGAR database. From EDGAR, you can download annual and
quarterly reports, and many other public documents. You can perform detailed
searches of these filings for keywords or individuals on your PC.

Our home page has links to all of the above and more:

 <A HREF="">Worldwide Guide to Rapid
Prototyping Resources</A>

[ if that's not visible as a link: ]

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