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Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 18:48:45 EEST

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Minnesota company shows national OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers)
companies the latest and fastest methods in the development of plastic and
metal prototype parts.

With unemployment down and productivity up, companies are scrambling to
hire the right engineer for a particular position and hope they bring more
to the party in the area of prototyping.

This sometimes leaves a gap in "how to" when it comes to the development of
production quality or low volume parts. Others are always looking for the
newest and fastest methods for the development of parts (plastic or metal)
in order to gain market share or to ensure the design is correct prior to
investing in expensive permanent tooling.

This is where A.P.E. comes in. We understand time to market is critical and
developing new products is time consuming and costly. We start by educating
the engineers and end by offering multiple options for the development of

What makes A.P.E. different and why companies use A.P.E.
1) The unique market we address: Prototyping
2) The ability to prototype not only plastic parts (injection molding,
blow molding, vacuum forming), but also metal parts, including aluminum,
steel, iron and bent metals.
3) Our broad breath-of-line we offer:
A) 3D Design
B) (RP's) Rapid Prototypes
C) State-of-the-art cast and cut tooling methods for thermoplastic
injection molded parts and other plastic methods.
D) Various creative methods to develop metal part prototypes.

At A.P.E. we don't sell companies on a technology and make it fit their
project. Rather, we present multiple options for the development of
projects and help them select the one that best fits their needs based on
budget, lead-time, material, tolerance and volume of parts.

At A.P.E. prototyping is all we do and we do it very well. We know our
industry; we know our vendors and take project responsibility. We step-up
to the plate with creative ideas and methods for the development of their
prototype projects. There are always options.

For more information about Accelerated Product Engineering, Inc., please
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Ph: (651) 450-8272
Fax: (651) 450-9092

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