Re: Licensing costs of Keltool, Swiftool, Polysteel

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Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 19:46:41 EEST

Dear Jan Willem

In response to your enquiry, please find enclosed details of the costs for the Swiftool Rapid Tooling System. Size capabilities also shown for ease of comparison.

Swiftool 10 System 150 x 150mm 34,000
Swiftool 50 System 200 x 250mm 74,000
Swiftool 200 System 400 x 500mm 119,000

Prices include press, mixer, training, installation & starter pack of materials - everything you need for a turnkey system.

Note: We are currently in the process of increasing the size capability of the 50 and 200 systems by up to 100% by improving the processing technology involved. (Likely cost impact is less than 10% of system price shown).

If you would like to speak to Prof. Dr. Gideon Levy of the Institute of St Gallen in Switzerland (one of our 10 System users) then please let me know and I will send you a note of his contact details.

Best regards from "Silicon Fen"


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Dear RP-ML friends,

Can someone tell me what the license costs are for:

1. Keltool (3D-Systems)
2. Swiftool (Swift Technologies LTD)
3. PolySteel (Dynamic Tooling)

If someone likes to share his or her experiences with one of these
technologies with the list or me it would be most welcome!

Many thanks in advance for those who can help me!

All the best from Holland

Jan Willem

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