Offset a surface model in stl file

From: Tim Maher (
Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 23:25:39 EEST

Dear Michele:

Paraform software's latest release of v2.0, has many new tools that will be
beneficial to your design process. Shelling is one of many functions that
has been added to our 3D graphic modeling package. Some of the features that
will be useful to you are;
1.) Hard offsets - hard target value for class-A type parts (smooth surfaces
on the exterior).
2.) Soft offsets - good for complex organic shapes ( toys for eg.). The
detail on the inside shell will be much less complex to the exterior
surface. Due to the tolerance parameter, software will remove self
3.) Interactive viz tools that show the thick and thin areas in "color".
Users can smooth/sculpt the shelled part and update the color plot.
4.) You can also work with several models at the same time and selectively
work on a specific model. Our mesh editing tools enable a user to subdivide
a model loaded from an STL file into several poly-meshes and perform
shelling on a desired part of the model.
5.) Besides shelling, we provide comprehensive DFM tools which include
parting line creation based on the pull-direction, automatic undercut
removal, and mesh splits.
Other features can be discussed at your convenience. Please contact me for
additional information regarding our software and the location of our
European office.

Best Regards,
Tim Maher
3052 Bunker Hill Lane
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Tel: 408-855-4307

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