RV: Examples of STL files of mathematical surfaces

From: Xavier Planta (idt.cg@ascamm.es)
Date: Fri Jul 14 2000 - 14:53:26 EEST

Hello RP News-Readers,

I turn to this news-group with the hope of finding particular STL files.

I'm working in a research project of topological nature and sooner or later
we'll need a solid model of the results. For the moment, in order to
convince the RTD performers for the necessity of using Rapid Prototyping
techniques, I'd like to show them some examples of solid figures of academic
nature: klein bottle, steiner surfaces, and so on.

1) Examples of STL files for these kind of mathematical surfaces
2) Has anybody generated STL with Matlab? What version is needed?
Exported files are good for RP? Any suggestions in this procedure?

Thanks in advance!

Dr. Ricard Jimenez
ASCAMM Foundation

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