Expansion for Materialise in Japan and France

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Date: Fri Jul 14 2000 - 16:49:46 EEST

Expansion for Materialise in Japan and France

As a leading company in software development for Rapid Prototyping and a
major European player in the Rapid Prototyping industry, Materialise
announced the opening of a new software sales office in Yokohama, Japan.
After Malaysia this is the second new Asian office opened this year. At
last month's celebrations of its 10th anniversary, Materialise also
announced its 30% investment in the medical company OBL France.

Materialise ranks as the number one developer of software that combines CT
and MRI scanning with rapid prototyping, CAD and implant technology in the
medical market. The medical models and templates produced by Materialise
software are used by clinicians worldwide to assist in the most complex
cases of surgery.
With its investment in OBL France, a medical device company for
maxillofacial surgery products, Materialise enhances its range of services
in the French medical market. This is an important step in the further
implementation and adoption of RP-technologies in maxillofacial and
cranofacial surgery.
OBL, based in Montrouge, Paris, will be Materialise' exclusive distributor
of medical models and drilling templates in France. Orthopédie Bio-mécanique
Locomotion was founded four years ago and is working in several domains:
maxillofacial surgery, osteosynthesis, cranofacial surgery, articular
implants, specialised medical materials and ancillaries.

The new Asian sales office based in Yokohama, Japan, is the next step in
improved customer support for Materialise software products in the East. The
Japanese sales office will be headed by Robert Paus and Yo Okada. Both can
look back at years of experience at Agfa Gevaert Japan. They consider
Materialise' products to be an interesting challenge that represent an added
value to the Japanese market.
The new office in Japan expands the Materialise presence to 7 different
countries: the US, the UK, Malaysia, Germany, France, Belgium and Japan.

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