STL from DXF

From: Charles Overy (
Date: Fri Jul 14 2000 - 18:33:19 EEST

Hello List,

Has anyone had any experience trying to create STL or other solid model
formats from DXF data. We are trying to interface with a couple of
architectual programs and the common thread is (not very good ) dxf data.
My hope was to be able to strip out as much extraneous data as possible and
surface the exterior walls.

At one time, I had heard that Geomagic could surface DXF data in the same
way that it could handle generic point cloud data. I do not know if this is
true and had not heard of it being done. It seems that the difficulty in
determining the "exterior" surfaces could be very much more diffiuclt with
CAD data where a lage surface is defined by only a few points. These models
will be for visual representation only so ease of translation is more
important that absolute accuracy. I know that there are a number of new
surfacing programs as well as that functionality within some CAD programs.

Any help or leads are appreciated


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