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Date: Tue Jul 18 2000 - 12:14:36 EEST

On Friday (14th) I sent the message below to the RPML but as of Tuesday
(18th) it still has not been delivered, as it contained a picture attachment
I can only assume that it has got stuck somewhere?

The size of the attachment was only 236Kb, is their a limit to attachments?

original posting:
(now without attachment if you want to see picture then I would have to send
to those that are interested in a chess board directly)

I have modelled a chess board and If anyone wants the first version now
(without the decorative embellishments - still modelling these) or would
like wait a week for the tarted up version I will do a trade?

The picture attached shows that inserts are need to be built with the main
board so that different colour/material inserts can be fabricated with it.

I would like one 31.8 mm x 31.8 mm x 2mm chess board inserts from all the
different RP materials from the various systems except for RPC 300 ND and
ThermoJet (grey wax) I have these.

The data will be made available in STL and IGES so that any further
customisation would be possible just ask which you want.

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