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Summary: The Gemological Institute of America selects ModelMaker II for
its Inaugural Computer-Aided Jewelry Design and Manufacturing Course

July 20, 2000 (Merrimack, NH) – Sanders Prototype, Inc. today announced
that its
ModelMaker II rapid pattern making system is being used at The
Gemological Institute
of America in its first-ever CAD/CAM class being described as “the
pinnacle in high-tech education for jewelry manufacturing.”

 “We are very excited about offering this class and thrilled to have the
ModelMaker II in the classroom. It is imperative that we prepare our
students for the industry that awaits them and like every other
business, jewelry manufacturing is increasingly becoming more
technological. It is our responsibility to provide them with the
necessary skills,” said, Mick McBride, Director of Education at GIA in
Carlsbad, CA.

 The CAD/CAM class comprises 70 hours of instruction over 10 days. Its
format allows for one-on-one guidance and intensive hands-on experience
for each student. In addition to the instruction and experience using
jewelry-design software, students will receive actual prototype models
of their creations made on the ModelMaker II. Upcoming class dates are
Sept. 11 – 22 and Nov. 6-17. Those interested in enrolling in the
class, should call1-800-421-7250, ext. 4001.

“When evaluating systems to incorporate into our curriculum, we were
faced with many choices. But we had specific requirements. Since
classroom time is limited, we needed a process that produced the
students’ intricate jewelry designs virtually right before their eyes
and that the models have a fine, smooth finish and require minimal
post-processing work. The ModelMaker II met our specifications,” said
Sherrie Kysilka, GIA Jewelry Manufacturing Product Manager.

“To have the GIA select the ModelMaker II for its foray into the CAD/CAM
educational process is very gratifying,” said David Bothwell, SPI’s
president and CEO. “Over the past year, the jewelry market has embraced
our technology and the ModelMaker II. To have the GIA recognize its
value to America’s jewelers just delights us.”

 The ModelMaker II runs in an office/classroom environment and
interfaces with PC workstations using industry-standard CAD programs
that output formats such as .STL, .SLC, .DXF, and OBJ. The materials
used are non-toxic and facility modifications are not required.

 The Gemological Institute of America is an independent nonprofit
offering world renowned curricula of courses, classes, and seminars to
the jewelry industry.
Web site: www.gia.edu.

Sanders Prototype, Inc., a privately-held company, manufactures the
ModelMaker and PatternMaster systems in Merrimack, New Hampshire, USA.
Web Site: www.sanders-prototype.com.

SPI Contacts:
Bruce Lustig 603-429-9700, ext. 221 or blustig@sanders-prototype.com
David Bothwell 603-429-9700, ext. 202 or dbothwell@sanders-prototype.com

GIA Public Relations & News Media Contact:
Alexander Angelle 760-603-4112 or pr@gia.edu.

Graphic images of the ModelMaker II and printed material available upon

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