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1- 8' x 10' CNC foam cutting Machine 3-5 axis
1 - 3' x 4' CNC foam Cutting Machine 3- 5 axis

William Bankes
Vice President
Global Manufacturing Solutions
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One SLA-250/30 Ciba SL5220

Paul Olson
Intermec Technologies Corporation
Engineering Model Shop
6001 36th Ave W.
P.O.Box4280  MS.450
Everett, WA. 98203-9280
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Oops... I meant to ask for us to "reply to all" and include the "RPMP".
This way... will be in the RPML archive.
...we can hookup for networking opportunities.
...we can also know of the Service Bureaus and there capabilities.

Here is what I have received so far. Thanks.

(1) SLA 5000 with DSM 8120 Resin
(1) SLA 250/50 (Zephyr Blade) with DSM 7110 Resin
(1) SLA 250/30 (Doctor Blade) with DSM 8110 Resin
(1) ThermoJet with TJ65 Polymer
(1) Z-Corp Z402 Switchable between ZP100/ZB7 Plaster Powder and Binder and
ZP11/ZB4 Starch Powder and Binder

Ken Zukley
InterPRO Rapid Technologies
630 Industrial Park Road
Deep River, CT 06417
Voice: (860) 526-5869
FAX: (860) 526-8056

Cooper, Ken
NASA Rapid Prototyping/ED34
George C. Marshall Space Flight Center
Huntsville, AL 35812

1 - SLA250 Ciba 5170 1 - SLS Sinterstation 2000 CastForm, switching to DuraForm 2 - FDM 1600 ABS 1 - LOM 1015 Paper LPH042 1 - Thermojet Black Wax 1 - ZCorp Z402 Starch 1 - Sanders RTM Investment Casting Resin 1 - LENS 750 Stainless Steel 316 --- Harold Luper

SLA 5000 - SL5195 SinterStation 2500 - Sandform Si Thermojet - TJ 2000 --- Glenn Whiteside Cessna Aircraft (Wichita, KS)

(1) SLA-5000 with Ciba SL-5195 resin (3) ThermoJets --- (1) Zcorp Z402 We use the starch based powder at the moment but we are in the process of switching to the plaster based one. Julian Brett School of Design (Product Design) University of East London 4-6 University Way London Engand --- Vern Carter Creative Technical Solutions (CTS) is a Product Design, Development firm specializing in the application of Solid Modeling and Rapid Prototyping. SDRC IDEAS, Pro Engineer, SolidWorks and Rhino3D. Zcorp's Z402 3D-Printer DTM's Sinterstation for Selective Laser Sintering of Duraform (Nylon), Duraform Composite (Glass Filled Nylon), Somos 201 (Rubber Like Matl.) and CopperPA (Copper Nylon Blend for metal like molds and parts). several 3D Systems SLA's for stereolithography masters made of Somos 8110 and SL5170 material Camattini Protomix Vacuum Casting System for RTV Mold and liquid Urethane Casting --- Keith Wheadon (1) SLA-350 with SL5190 Resin --- (1) SLA500 with DSM 7100 resin (1) SLA250 with DSM 7110 / 8110 (1) SLS2500ci running Duraform PA and GF

Jim Vander Linden RP Coordinator Encor Technologies, Inc 1339 Continental Dr. Eau Claire, WI 54701 715.834.6800 Phone 715.834.7809 Fax --- --- ---

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I don't know if this has been done before, but am interested in knowing who is using the RP machines and what materials they are using. If you have an RP machine please reply to this message, it will help in the archival search of locating this info in the future.

We have 3 RP machines.

(1) SLA5000 with DSM 7120 resin (1) Thermojet (1) Actua 2100 - for sale

Please take an interest share your info.

Thank you, Bob York Design Development Model Shop Thomson Consumer Electronics Indianapolis, Indiana ph:317.587.5424

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