Who is this.....

From: York Robert (YORKR@tce.com)
Date: Wed Jul 26 2000 - 16:06:21 EEST

...sorehead. Always one in every neighborhood. Oh well. Thanks for all
the input. I hope this has been helpful to most of the list. That is what
the list is for. To share rp info. That is why we have subjects with every
message, to delete the ones of no interest.

I agree though, lets don't clutter the RPML with responses to this message.
If it is something you want me to see, well, I also have a delete button.

Thanks again,

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From: Sreenath [mailto:sreenath@me.iitb.ernet.in]
Sent: Wednesday, July 26, 2000 1:25 AM
To: York Robert
Subject: RE: Roll Call

On Tue, 25 Jul 2000, York Robert wrote:

::I started this request in hopes of finding contacts of similar machines

        Well you started this, agreed. You need the information, but not
me, so the responses should reach to you but not to us atleat to me. You
got it!

::I don't understand why you would try to snuff out such valuable

        Agreed it may be valuable to you, but least to me.

:: You are the first to complain.

        Don't worry people are in queue to complain!
        And I may be lucky to be the first!!!!

::Simply delete the message if it does not apply.

        Instead of simply deleting its better not to send the reply to
all rp-ml list members, and causing inconvenient.
The people should reply to the concerned person.

::It is obviously something everyone is interested in.

        Again I am not interested!!!!

Hi RP'ian,
        My intention is not to hurt you, but to convey my message that
since you are interested in this matter, so the responses should reach
you, and if anyone is interested he may contact you to get the full
details. What do you say?

::-----Original Message-----
::From: Sreenath [mailto:sreenath@me.iitb.ernet.in]
::Sent: Tuesday, July 25, 2000 10:11 AM
::Cc: 'rp-ml'
::Subject: Re: Roll Call
::Ooooooooh God,
:: Please stop this 'Roll Call' chain mail.
::Who started this? He got the big response I think. Hats off!
::Sorry for this mail, but try to understand my intension and how my mail
::box is filling right from yesterday and pain for deleting
::Friendly yours,

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