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I'm not sure but I think that the data end of things was not the issue but
how does one build such a thing. Most existing software will scale the
data (Magics, SolidView, Geomagic...) once you scale the object then what is
the best most economical way to build it becomes the real question.


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        One of the amazing applications that this industry experiences every
        day! This is such an exciting place to be.

        If a laser digitizer/3D scanner can capture the point cloud of a
        replica, this data can be interpreted with Geomagic Studio to any
size (a
        small key chain or a 450 foot statue) with the output IGES file.

        Does rubbing the tummy of such a big Buddha give one MORE luck?

        Diana Borja
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        Craig's request for information made me think that some
        of you might be interested a similar project that Delcam is
        involved in but on a much larger scale. The Maitreya Buddha
        will be three times the height of the Statue of Liberty!

        The project is described on Delcam's web site (You can go straight to the relevant page

        There are parallels with Craig's project as the starting point is
        a small scale statue that is being reverse engineered with the help
        of Delcam's CopyCAD, PowerSHAPE, PowerMILL and PowerINSPECT software

        Ed Lambourne

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> Hello everyone,
> Would anyone know the most economical way to do this? We
> have a customer
> that brought us a 12 inch clay model and they are wanting to
> make it into a
> 12 foot bronze statue. We do have access to digitize the
> model but are
> unsure of a way to reproduce it economically. Please email
> me or call with
> any suggestions. Thanks in advance.
> With Regards,
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