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From: García Ana (
Date: Thu Jul 27 2000 - 12:01:58 EEST

Dear all:

We are presently preparing a European Thematic Network to discuss and
achieve conformity assessment procedures and standard specifications in the
use of rapid prototyping and simulation tools in the precision foundry
industry. The reuse and recycling of the foundry waste products in order to
enhance a sustainable growth will be also a discussion topic in this
network. Presently we are 16 partners (between investment casting companies,
rapid proprotyping companies, and research organisations) involved in this
initiative, that will be presented to the European Commision Programme on
Thematic Networks next september. If any of you involved in the related
industrial sector is interested in participating in it, please let me know
so we can discuss the topics and your interests in more detail.

I am afraid that presently this intiative is only opened to European
industry, although in a near future it will be opened to other countries.

Ana García
Camino de Portuetxe 12
San Sebastián 20.018

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INASMET (http:/
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