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>I would like to know which are diferentts asociattions of Rapid
arround the world. What are their main activities and objectives
Does exist any Rp European Associa.?<

F.Xavier PlantÓ Torralba,

Several RP groups and associations are functioning in Europe and other
locations around the world. The following is a list:

Australias Queensland Manufacturing Institute
Canadas National Research Council
Chinese Rapid Forming Technology Committee
Danish Technological Institute
Finnish Rapid Prototyping Association
French Rapid Prototyping Association
Germanys NC Society
Hong Kong Society for Rapid Prototyping Tooling and Manufacturing
Irish Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Association
Italian Rapid Prototyping Association
Japanese Association of Rapid Prototyping Industry
Rapid Product Development Association of South Africa
Swedish Industrial Network on FFF
UKs Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Association
USAs Rapid Prototyping Association of the Society of Manufacturing

The Global Alliance of Rapid Prototyping Associations (GARPA) serves as an
"umbrella" organization under which the above groups and associations
cooperate. You can learn more about GARPA and the individual associations
at I hope this helps.

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