FW: Using LCD or DLP (by Texas Instruments) for RP

From: Chris Sutcliffe (c.j.sutcliffe@liverpool.ac.uk)
Date: Mon Jul 31 2000 - 18:42:43 EEST

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Dear Ng Hon Pun and list

You need to lookup direct photo shaping. Its is a system which used the TI
micro mirror technology to cure resin in the visible developed by SRI
technologies Menlo Park USA. I have seen the system and it works very well,
the ceramic turbine blades were particularly impressive. I believe they are
deep into commercialisation with a beta test program underway with some US
companies and universities.

Although the use of the DMD is covered by US patents held by SRI
technologies (please correct me if I'm wrong) we have just started to
develop a system at the University of Liverpool as a design exercise to
develop a low cost RP machine (less then $10000). We have all the bits
projector build chamber assembly etc but the only piece missing is the

In order to use the DMD system you need to cure in the visible and hence
typical SL resins are not suitable. SRI have done sterling work in this
area producing visible curing resins which work very well particularly when
filled with ceramic.

We have been trying unsuccessfully to get hold of visible wavelength curing
resin for some time so I can see that this would be a major stumbling block
for the project.



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Subject: Using LCD or DLP (by Texas Instumenta) for RP

I am a final year student from National University of Singapore (NUS). One
of my electives requires my team to come up with a theoretical compact RP
machine. my team had thought of using visible light to cure the resin for
safety reasons. LCD is an attractive option as it also involves lesser
moving parts. But DLP seems to have a better resolution.

1)Does anybody has any further information pertaining to this aspect?

2)Any forseen problems?

2)Any websites in this area?

SLP (by Denken) and E-DARTS (by Autostrade) seems to be the one of the more
compact RP machines in the market.

1)Does anyone knows more about the process involved as their websites
provide very little techical details?

2)So is the SLP or E-DARTS process patented yet? We do not wish to have
clashes with the SLP or E-DARTS process in our conceptual design.

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