Is there a problem posting to the list?

Date: Mon Jul 31 2000 - 20:56:17 EEST


For the last couple of weeks I've noticed that when I make a posting to the
RPML, I sometimes don't get a distribution copy back to my own email address.
 Usually, I get some indication that the posting has gone to at least some of
the list (e.g., that darned dead Yahoo address that always shows up).

I ran a test last week and worked correctly, but I made a posting this AM
that may or may not have gotten distributed.

Not that you're hanging on my every word - but is anyone else noticing this?
It didn't used to do this.


Ed Grenda
Castle Island Co.
19 Pondview Road
Arlington, MA 02474 USA
781-646-6280 (voice or fax) (email)

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