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Here is 3D Systems Edge online announcing the release of Lightyear 1.1.


Customer Spotlight: De Montfort University
News: 3D Systems Releases Durable Material for Use in Solid Imaging Systems
News: 3D Systems Unveils New Material for Its Office Printing Product
News: 3D Systems Launches 3D Lightyear 1.1 Software With FinePoint Supports
News: Technology Investor Magazine
Events: Camp Jeep
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Customer Spotlight: De Montfort University Leads the Way in Rapid Manufacturing

3D Systems has installed its top-of-the-line SLA? 7000 system and a ThermoJet?
solid object printer in one of the largest and most advanced rapid manufacturing
research centers in the world.

The Center for Rapid Manufacturing was officially opened at De Montfort
University in Leicester, England, in July 1999.

The Center was established to carry out work for a Rapid Manufacturing
Consortium, which comprises members from a number of leading companies,
including ABB Alstom Power, Caradon plc, DaimlerChrysler AG, Flymo, Lotus
Engineering, Siemens AG, Martin-Baker Aircraft Co Ltd., TWR and the Volvo Car

?The scope of the consortium is rapid product development and manufacturing,
which covers all aspects from initial concept through product development and
production,? explained Professor Phil Dickens, head of the university?s Rapid
Manufacturing Research Group. ?A major activity will be the training of
engineers by the consortium members and technology transfer.?

The Manufacturing Evolution

?We are moving away from mass production to custom production, where refinements
and changes to products need to be made very quickly to meet market demand for
more improvements and choice,? Dickens said. ?We are already seeing rapid
prototyping and rapid tooling used by companies. In 10 to 20 years, rapid
manufacturing may be so advanced that space missions will have materials,
technology and CAD files on board to manufacture spare parts when needed.?

The Center for Rapid Manufacturing will offer a range of educational programs,
including both undergraduate and post-graduate courses. Additionally, a series
of annual seminars will be held at both the university and consortium member?s

3D Systems will continue to work closely with the university to develop
applications for both its SLA system and ThermoJet printer technologies within
the center, to best meet the requirements of the consortium members for the
research and advancement of rapid manufacturing techniques.

News: 3D Systems Releases Durable Material for Use in Solid Imaging Systems
SL 7540 material, which mimics polypropylene, is now available for use in SLA
systems. Its durability opens the door to more custom manufacturing. To read the
complete news release, see

News: 3D Systems Unveils New Material for Its Office Printing Product
ThermoJet 2000 material provides another option for customers seeking more
durable, flexible models for fit and feel applications. To read the complete
news release, see http://www.3dsystems.com/newsevents/newsreleases/pr-000710.asp

News: 3D Systems Launches 3D Lightyear 1.1 Software With FinePoint Supports
The latest version of the software improves the quality of finished parts.
FinePoint supports are easier to remove and produce better down-facing surfaces.
To read the complete news release, see

News: Technology Investor Magazine
The article looks at how technology - and 3D Systems - is playing a vital role
in rapid manufacturing and mass customization. It discusses how fast, cheap
manufacturing is possible with today?s computer-based solid imaging equipment.
For the complete story, see


Camp Jeep
Off-road enthusiasts converge in the Appalachian Mountains to learn the latest
in Jeep technology. Find out how DaimlerChrysler (and other manufacturers) use
3D Systems technology to improve product quality and gain a competitive edge
Aug. 10-12.

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