CT data into Ansys

From: Anderson, Daniel [DPYUS] (DAnders4@DPYUS.JNJ.com)
Date: Tue Aug 08 2000 - 22:11:51 EEST

To all:

Our goal is to incorporate CT data of a human femur and electronic geometry
(i.e., orthopaedic hip stems and instrumentation) into a CAD file or a
finite element model. Prior to importing the geometry into a finite element
package (ANSYS v5.5) several positioning and boolean operations need to be
performed. But, due to the complex geometry of the femur, we have not found
a way to effectively export complete IGES surface geometry. We are able to
export the geometry in an STL format and we have been able to import these
STL files into our CAD software (Unigraphics v16), but only as
"disassociated bodies", which won't allow boolean operations.

We are looking for a method to convert the STL files into an operable solid
body or FEA model, or some other process that will get us from CT data into
Ansys. Your suggestions would be appreciated.

Daniel Anderson
Group Mgr., Engineering Services
*DePuy a Johnson & Johnson Company
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