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From: Pike, Jim (Jim.Pike@sturm.sulzerpumps.com)
Date: Fri Aug 11 2000 - 20:52:00 EEST


I have been very curious about a ride that I took while at Disney World a
few weeks ago! "The Tower of Terror" is so named the attraction. Once
entering the old and antiquated bldg you find yourself before an elevator
and then the lights go out to a TV screen that plays a short excerpt of "The
Twigh Light Zone" - Ya know Rod Serling!!!! At this point it gets pretty
spooky and you begin to get the idea that a family had entered this (at that
time a high tech hotel - because of the elevator capability) and somehow the
family was zapped into the Twigh Light Zone. Never-the-less, the ride begins
seated in an elevator that takes you up X stories to the umpteenth floor in
the dark and then these laser like lights emit a door opening while
emulating a stormy and lightening like night. At this same time the hall way
appears along with a window far off in the distance. Then, the Image of the
family appears. Seemingly to have generated "Halographically"???? Then the
ride free falls a few times giving you the rest of the excitement!!

Now the question - Does anyone know of this Light generated image and is
this known as a "Halograph"?? If so, this was my first real encounter with
any image generated with light!!!

By the way.........Kodak had some of the neatest 3D animations I had ever

Jim Pike

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