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I think you are referring to holography. ITs a technology thats been around
since the 70s in popular form. like many such things its benefitting and
receiving incredible boosts from technology gains in general. I know there's a
fellow at MIT Media lab working on them as well as many other places. You might
want to do a search for "holography" on your favorite engine.

all the best,

Diana Borja wrote:

> We just had two technicians from Disney take the training course for
> Geomagic Studio. I will forward your e-mail and see if they can put you in
> touch with the creator. Not insinuating that Raindrop Geomagic was directly
> involved with that particular image, just trying to get you networked.
> It's one of the great joys to get people connected. I thought that the
> "Tower" was one of the BEST rides too!
> Diana Borja
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> Raindrop Geomagic
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> List,
> I have been very curious about a ride that I took while at Disney World a
> few weeks ago! "The Tower of Terror" is so named the attraction. Once
> entering the old and antiquated bldg you find yourself before an elevator
> and then the lights go out to a TV screen that plays a short excerpt of "The
> Twigh Light Zone" - Ya know Rod Serling!!!! At this point it gets pretty
> spooky and you begin to get the idea that a family had entered this (at that
> time a high tech hotel - because of the elevator capability) and somehow the
> family was zapped into the Twigh Light Zone. Never-the-less, the ride begins
> seated in an elevator that takes you up X stories to the umpteenth floor in
> the dark and then these laser like lights emit a door opening while
> emulating a stormy and lightening like night. At this same time the hall way
> appears along with a window far off in the distance. Then, the Image of the
> family appears. Seemingly to have generated "Halographically"???? Then the
> ride free falls a few times giving you the rest of the excitement!!
> Now the question - Does anyone know of this Light generated image and is
> this known as a "Halograph"?? If so, this was my first real encounter with
> any image generated with light!!!
> By the way.........Kodak had some of the neatest 3D animations I had ever
> seen!!!
> Jim Pike
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