Hi List

From: michael rees (rees@michaelrees.com)
Date: Tue Aug 15 2000 - 08:55:36 EEST

Hello everybody!

I've been working on a new update to my website. Its an online interface
for displaying 3 dimensional information about my sculptures on the web.
This is a prototype but I'd be delighted if you all might visit the site
and give me your feedback. You'll need the flash plugin 4.0 (if you
don't have it, its available at

Go to the front page of my site (reload if you've been there recently),
follow the links to "fluff". A new window will open. Please make sure to
click the "help" button (white lozenge at the top of the screen).

The interface uses your key board or key pad to navigate. Please

best, Michael Rees

please email me directly if you have any comments.

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