Rees's 3D catalog prototype

From: Marshall Burns (
Date: Tue Aug 15 2000 - 10:24:45 EEST

Hmmm, Michael, I've seen other places try to do stuff like this, often
without working too well, like at But of course what I
like about your attempt at it is that I know that the objects you'll be
exhibiting are digital sculptures, which means that, unlike Sharper Image
(at the present time), you will have the potential to charge people only for
the data and allow them to reproduce your sculptures on their own fabbers.
Very, very cool.

You know, I had a talk with a venture capitalist last week about our
business and when I told him about our long-term vision of people ordering
products online and taking delivery directly via fabbers in their own homes
and offices, he said, "That's impossible. It'll never happen." As amazing as
I find it that investors can't see that coming, it's even more amazing that
I know many members of this list also think it's a crazy dream. But the
stuff that you and Karl Denton are starting to do on the Web is taking us
closer, step by step.

I could point out some nitty-gritty problems, but since it's a prototype I
don't think you need that. It's an exciting tool you're working on and I
can't wait to see people ordering your data from you and using it to fab
your sculptures on their Genie Studio Fabbers wherever they happen to be.

Best regards,
Marshall Burns
President, Ennex Corporation
Los Angeles, USA, (310) 397-1314

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> Hello everybody!
> I've been working on a new update to my website. Its an online interface
> for displaying 3 dimensional information about my sculptures on the web.
> This is a prototype but I'd be delighted if you all might visit the site
> and give me your feedback. You'll need the flash plugin 4.0 (if you
> don't have it, its available at
> ).
> Go to the front page of my site (reload if you've been there recently),
> follow the links to "fluff". A new window will open. Please make sure to
> click the "help" button (white lozenge at the top of the screen).
> The interface uses your key board or key pad to navigate. Please
> experiment.
> best, Michael Rees
> please email me directly if you have any comments.

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