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From: Paul-Henri Tinguely (
Date: Tue Aug 15 2000 - 11:22:25 EEST

Hi Michael,

Of course you know your web site address....!, we don't!


michael rees a écrit :

> Hello everybody!
> I've been working on a new update to my website. Its an online interface
> for displaying 3 dimensional information about my sculptures on the web.
> This is a prototype but I'd be delighted if you all might visit the site
> and give me your feedback. You'll need the flash plugin 4.0 (if you
> don't have it, its available at
> ).
> Go to the front page of my site (reload if you've been there recently),
> follow the links to "fluff". A new window will open. Please make sure to
> click the "help" button (white lozenge at the top of the screen).
> The interface uses your key board or key pad to navigate. Please
> experiment.
> best, Michael Rees
> please email me directly if you have any comments.

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