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Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 - 17:33:32 EEST

Hi Neil

This is a subject very close to our heart.

Here at STL we are just commissioning a 3,000 sq ft. Dedicated Customer Training Facility for training customers to use the Swiftool Rapid Tooling System.

This includes the latest in rapid tooling and injection moulding technology, together with a full Moldflow MPX installation for rapid mould set-up and monitoring.

The same facility also lends itself for training on the Precision Silicone Tooling System which we are licencing.

I would guess both the above come under "hardware/software training supplied by vendors" category you outlined.

As a UK based company working in the RP&M sector, we would welcome the availability of short induction courses (1 - 2 weeks?) on RP&M to send new / existing employees on as appropriate. Having better informed customers would also be an obvious benefit - it is amazing (or perhaps not, when you think about it...?) how many customers in the field still don't know very much at all about RP&M.

Have De Montfort got any plans to launch such a course? Let me know if there is anything we can do to help.

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>>> Neil Hopkinson <> 16/08/00 13:28:18 >>>
Hello all, I have a couple of questions which I would appreciate some
feedback on regarding training and education in RP&M.

1. What training and education services do you provide?
This may include services such as seminars given by experts in the field,
hardware/software traing supplied by vendors, modules on university courses,
conferences or anything else you feel fits in.

2. What training and education services are required?
At your establishment, what type of education and training in RP&M do you
think you would benefit from most and why?

I would appreciate any feedback you could provide me with.

Thanks in anticipation,

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