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Date: Fri Aug 18 2000 - 15:31:04 EEST

Brock, Marshall and All,

The largest piece, the fan inlet, was sent out to Prototype Express and
constructed on 4 different machines across the US. We could not let any of
it out of the country for processing. While the fan inlet was being
produced outside I constructed the remaining parts (fan and several
supporting components, exhaust and several supporting components) on our
in-house equipment. When all parts were completed I assembled them in-house
and they all fit together fine. After the SLA was bonded together we spent
several days sanding, patching and painting. Here are a few other tidbits
of info. The project consumed a total of 1945 hours of SLA time, 198 lbs of
resin, two gallons of Bondo, two full gallons of primer and paint. Myself
and one my finishers worked on the project for a full month. The model was
painted the day prior (not by choice) to being shipped out and as I finished
the last coat of paint (around midnight) it was put into a dry chamber for
about 6 hours and then crated and shipped to the customer for a show. As
they crated it up I found out just how attached one can get to a project!
When authorized I will share the few Polaroid's taken of the model
in-progress with the list.

Karl Denton
Lead Engineer
Williams International

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        Di you built that on one machine (over a three-month period, as
Marshall exclaims) or did you have an entire row of SLAs at your disposal?
Or, in an even grander experiment, did you simultaneously outsource
different pieces to different service bureaus around the world and do the
whole thing overnight? Now that would be an interesting proof of process, if
all the pieces fit together in the end.
        Brock Hinzmann
        Marshall Burns wrote:
>> I did a full scale jet engine model and the fan inlet was about
4ft in
>> diameter took roughly 1900 hours of SLA time and weighed in well
>> 200lbs.
>> Karl
> Wow, that's almost three months of just fabbing time!

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