RE: Are RP quotations ON LINE limited to US Market ?

From: Vanessa Newkirk (
Date: Sat Aug 19 2000 - 00:21:26 EEST

Buenas tardes Dr. Santillan,

Ha pasado mucho tempo de hablar con usted. Espero que esta disfrutando el
Como usted ja nos conocemos y nuestro mercado,
( es un mercado muy internacional. Tenemos vendadores y
compradores de Sud America (ej: Brasil, Uraguay, Argentina, Peru..) e tantos
otros paises en el mundo.

Para nosotros, el mercado "rapido" en Latin/Central e Sud America es muy
importante. Estamos crecendo en nuestra representacion la rapidamente. Estoy
trabajando con asociaciones internacionales, pero tal vez usted tiene
recomendaciones de "alcanzar" el mercado rapido la? Me daría alegria de
trabajar con su pais e los otros paises en Latin/Central & Sud America. Si
cualquier persona necesita ayuda con nuestro sitio (miemros o visitantes),
hablo Español y Portugués (e Italiano). Mí pida en nuestro "Live Help" o
manda un email a:


Dear Dr. Santillian,

It's been a while since we last spoke! I hope you are enjoying the summer.
As you are already familiar with us and our marketplace,
( is a very international marketplace. We have vendors
and buyers from South America, (Brazil, Uraguay, Argentina, Peru) and from
many other countries around the world.

For us, the "rapid" market in Latin/Central & South America is very
important. We are growing in our representation there quickly. I am working
with international associations, but maybe you have some recommendations to
further reach the market there? I would be happy to work with your country
and other countries in Latin/Central & South America. If anyone needs help
with our site (members or visitors), I speak Spanish and Portuguese (and
Ask for me on our "Live Help" or send me an email at:

Kind regards/Attentamente,

Vanessa Newkirk
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Subject: Are RP quotations ON LINE limited to US Market ?

Dear US Listers

I have noticed after trying 3 of the ON LINE quotations
that almost all (if not all) are restricted to the US
market, since the only way to get a quote is to
register first and in order to be registred we have to
provide a US address.

Does it means that they are exclusively focused to US
Market ?

Don´t you believe in the Central and South American
potential Market ??

Just curious....

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