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Date: Sat Aug 19 2000 - 18:44:21 EEST

Surveyor 1200 Series Laser Digitizer for sale - $70,000.00. Extremely Clean
Machine!! Buyer arranges shipping, pick up and delivery.

The Surveyor 1200 series' Rapid Profile laser sensor collects 4000 points of
data per second, making digitizing significantly faster than conventional
noncontact measuring technologies. The 1200-24 and 1236 system models
provide linear accuracies of .0005". Although very compact, the Surveyor
1200 systems still boast a full two or three cubic-foot work envelope along
with three axes of computer-controlled scanning.

Laser Design’s DataSculpt scan data editing software
Laser Design’s NC module and STL module software

Work Envelope x = 24", y =12", z = 12" (610 mm x 305 mm x 305 mm)

Table Size 36" x 24" (914 mm x 610 mm)

Positioning Accuracy: Linear .0005" (.0127 mm) bandwidth

Repeatability: ±.00015" (±.0038 mm)

Scale resolution: .00004" (.001 mm)

Work Table Load Capacity: 250 lbs. (113.4 kg) [dispersed]

Construction: Granite, aluminum, steel; horizontal-arm style

Guide Method: Precision linear bearings.

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