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From: michael rees (
Date: Mon Aug 21 2000 - 12:15:52 EEST

Hey Everybody,

check it out:

under the heading "Uses for the technology" it says:

  Adding 3D capabilities to new and existing Web sites with Shockwave
content can increase a site's appeal to users.
  Existing users of Macromedia Shockwave, such as Timex, Sharper Image,
and Lexus, will be able to add 3D graphics and
  be confident they are creating an engaging Web experience for site
visitors. Interactive 3D graphics enrich applications such
  as e-merchandising and e-learning, and are at the core of online
entertainment. Consumers will take active roles in
  designing, customizing, and personalizing their merchandise. For
example, they will be able to model clothes, experience
  interactive product demonstrations, and learn how to do home repair
using step-by-step examples. Manufacturers can save
  time, money, and improve customer satisfaction by creating real-world
simulations that make it easier for consumers to order
  the correct parts in a more reliable and efficient manner. More than
90% of the best-selling CD games use 3D technology, so
  extending Shockwave 3D technology to online, multiuser gaming is

get ready!!


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