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We have been using the SL5510 resin .frg file with .010 overcure with good
results. This is on an SLA350 with DSM7120. The old .srg file from LY 1.0
will work as well if you set that up in the platform wizard.

Pay attention to border overcure comparing curtain supports to fine points.
Fine points need more o/c whereas curtain supports would be too hard at
.010. This is mentioned in the release notes as well for LY1.1.

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Hello all!

Can anyone give me some suggestions on part and support parameters for the
Lightyear 1.1. I am using Somos 7120 in an SLA5000.

For example, should I use the regular support build style, as opposed to
fine-point support build style? And what have you found is a good number
the overcure value? There is no .frg file that I know of (yet). Does the
.srg file work, or will it draw curtain supports?

Anything you learned while changing over would sure be helpful.

Bill Cannon

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